Have you ever fully enjoyed a vacation from beginning to end? And when we say beginning, we mean your travel from your home to your destination. A lot of people hate to travel not because they do not want the Amsterdam Heineken experience to rest on the beautiful beaches of the Bahamas. It is because they really feel the many travel nuances that they had to endure throughout the flight.

Standard airline flights are often very stressful and tiring for most people because they have to deal with long lines, strangers who can be quite problematic, and most of all, the schedule delays that you can do nothing about.

Another problem with standard flights is that you can only go to an airport that can accommodate the size of the airplane. This means that you can have an additional one to two hours of road travel to go from the airport to your hotel or resort.

Because of these factors, standard airline flights can really be troublesome and can ruin a well-planned vacation.

Chartered aircrafts

What if you are given a better and more convenient alternative? What if you have the option to do away with all these hassles and have an easier and tension-free trip?

Now, you have to power to make a better choice. We offer chartered planes at your disposal. Whether you want to hire us for only a few days, a whole month, or even a year, we have flexible terms for you or your company.
We only want what is best for you. Do you get to your Amsterdam city trip fast? Get the top chartered planes from us. We have high-quality airplanes that will bring you to your destination. We have Piper Tomahawks, Turbo Arrows, and Pilatus aircraft that you can easily book ahead of your trip.

If you want a romantic Amsterdam holiday for your husband or wife, book a two-seater airplane. You will surely feel the love and passion through our high-powered and certified airplanes.
Are you traveling with your family? Choose our bigger planes that can accommodate up to 6 people. You will have space and the comfort that you have been looking for in a long time.

Fuel loading

We are partnering with numerous petroleum distribution brands to supply us with Jet fuel all-year round. We will not lose energy and will be ready to help you in your travels 24 hours a day and seven days a week from day 1 to day 365.


Maintenance and servicing

You can rely on us to keep you safe through all your travels. We have in-house mechanics and engineers that do preventative maintenance and repairs on all our aircraft. We abide by all international and local policies governing aircraft troubleshooting and upkeep. We only use top quality parts that come from the airplane’s manufacturers. We do not allow the utilization of any of our aircraft that are currently under repair.

If you want to check our maintenance documents, you are free to do so. We guarantee you that we only fly with the best personnel and with the best airplanes available.