Our charter planes have brought our guests to their Amsterdam city trips and Asian tours. Our charter planes have been all over the world bringing satisfaction and smiles to our customers. Since we only aim for the best service and deliver beyond what our clients expect us to give, we have a 100% return of customers with a lot more referrals which resulted to double the number of people who book a flight with us on the previous year.

Because of the immense support that our customers have in us, we have now opened up new services that clients can use for their vacations and for businesses. As we extend our services, we will also exceed our own expectations and perform better in terms of all our in-flight and personnel services.

Aerial reconnaissance 

Are you interested in investing on an island in the Pacific? Do you want to plot a new route for your boat rental in Amsterdam? Are you looking for air assistance to capture the best aerial photos of nature and the seas? You can hire us to help you do all of these and more! We can bring you to islands and areas that you want to survey and assess. Just give us the coordinates of the location so that we can do a preliminary evaluation of the area in order to anticipate possible situations and circumstances.

Aircraft Maintenance

We understand the difficulty of handling all the maintenance works of aircraft. It is time-consuming. You also need to accomplish a lot of documents and submit them to the right authorities. We know that you already have a lot in your hands as a business owner. Let us do all the legwork for you. We have been handling numerous airplanes for more than 10 years. Hire us to do all your aircraft maintenance and care.